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"To Love" - Joseph Harris Installation


“To Love” - Joseph Harris Art Exhibit
March 29th-May 6th
Reception: Friday, April 26th, 6-9PM

Joseph Harris has placed his drawings, text pieces, 3-D printed and laser-cut objects, and personal artifacts throughout the Experimental Station entryway, tied together with words and writings directly on the walls. Two large projections feature videos of Joseph’s performance style and a slideshow of his graphic designs, drawings, and photographs.

Go here for more information about the reception event for this installation.

About Joseph Harris

Joseph Harris is an artist of Zion, currently living in Chicago.

He is a multi-disciplinary artist currently focusing on visual art. This includes investigations and experiments in calligraphy, painting, and graphic design (typography).

He is a man. He makes music. He is a freedom fighter and a soldier of love.

He is self-reflective, discovering inner healing tools and resources that he is doing his best to share with those around him. He is pro capital-B Black.

Artist Statement

This is my first installation to show the art I have been working on over the past few years. The calligraphy started in 2016. I do it to express myself, to write about my experience in a real healthy and transformative way. I started to write words, statements, and passages that helped to heal me, and to guide me and empower me. I decided to make a calligraphy because I didn’t want to write in the same old fashion about the same old issues I was facing in my life. I was looking for a change, an escape, and this was a vehicle for me to open artistic expression in a number of ways, which was a big pivot from making music.

Art is expression.

No one can limit someone else’s expression of art.

All art is valuable.

Art should be accessible to anybody, unless the artist chooses otherwise.

Some of the art in this installation is within touching distance, so people can experience it in other ways than just viewing it.

Questions to ask while looking at this art:
What do you think art is?
How do people value art?
How do people access it?
How should it be accessible?
Is art inherently healing?

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Instagram: @josephharrisart