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Brown Bag Lunch Conversation with printmaker Kang, Yoo A - Exhibit Closing Event


Brown Bag Lunch Conversation with printmaker Kang, Yoo A - Exhibit Closing Event
Monday, July 1, 12-1PM
Experimental Station Kitchen (Enter through the red door on Blackstone Ave.)
Please bring your own lunch or pick something up ahead of time from Build!

Join us as we welcome Kang, Yoo A back to Experimental Station to speak more about her incredible woodblock prints that have been on display in our kitchen for the past month. This will also be the last chance to see the exhibit.

Printmaker Kang, Yoo A's exhibit "i.m.migration: why we are here" explores issues of immigration, U.S. neo-imperialism, the Korean diaspora, and what it means to be a mother to children of color.

Yoo A Kang first immigrated to the United States in 1990. She raised two children in Minnesota before joining her adult child in South Bend in 2015. In starting her new life as a domestic violence survivor, she turned to printmaking to process her experiences at the intersection of being an immigrant, a Korean, a woman of color, and a mother.

Her work illuminates the experience of isolation and pain of immigrants in this country, as well as conveying messages of race, migration, the myth of the American Dream, and the following disappointment and betrayal. She wishes to shine light on the effect of U.S. neo-imperialism in South Korea, the source of the Korean diaspora in the world.

Kang's "d[ae]ji: women & land / on rising" exhibited at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center in Bloomington, IN. "i.m.migration" premiered at the Civil Rights Heritage Center in South Bend, IN. Her works are produced in collaboration with adult-child Taeyin ChoGlueck.